Rustic Console Tables in Dove Grey

A beautiful home needs a warm welcome, these Console Tables are perfect for your entrance hall! Constructed from solid pine and measuring 35"L x 32"H x 13"W for the two drawer (Model#1017-1) and 56"L x 30"H x 14"W for the three drawer (Model#1017-2). They are priced at $335.00 for the two drawer and $415.00 for the three drawer. Want a different colour? For an extra $25.00 you can choose from this wide range...

Rustic Two Drawer Console Table in Dove Grey
Rustic Three Drawer Console Table in Dove Grey

Also available in Teal and French White (Model#1017-1).

Rustic Console Table in Teal
Rustic Console Table in French White

Rustic Two Drawer Console Tables

UK inspired Rustic Two Drawer Console Table Classic Grey (Model#1017-3). Measuring 36"H x 50"L x 18"D is priced at $495.00.

A similar Two Drawer Console Table in Mocha (Model#1017-4). Measuring 30"H x 46”L x 16”D this makes a great Sofa Table too and is

priced at $455.00. 

Rustic Console mTable in Classic Grey
Rustic Console/Sofa Table in Mocha

Our Classic Rustic Console Tables


This classic ranch-style console table goes perfectly with your Tuscan or French country rustic theme. It is handcrafted from locally sourced kiln-dried pine and is available unfinished or, finished with a choice from our stain chart shown on the “Custom” page.

The table illustrated is 3 feet high by 3 feet wide by 1 foot deep and is priced at $215.00 (Model #1012-2) unfinished, or $265.00 with an antique stain or lemon oil finish.

We also make this console table in a 3 feet high by 3 1/2 feet long by 14.5 inch deep size, which is priced at $255.00 (Model #1012-21) 

unfinished or $305.00 finished with your choice of antique pine stain, classic grey stain or lemon oil. Please go to the “Custom” page for more finishing choices. 

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